Vacuum Casting

Vaccum Casting

This is a very ocular process for manufacturing complex injection moulded parts in a very short period of time. The process involves making a master pattern using any additive/subtractive method of prototyping. Liquid Silicone Rubber is poured all around the master pattern which then cures with time and application heat. The mould is now ready and is split along the parting line to separate the Core and the Cavity. The master pattern is destroyed in this process. This creates a wall thickness which can then be filled with a liquid plastic resin to manufacture the required prototypes. The life of these tools are typically 10-20 pieces depending on the complexity of the design. The liquid plastic that is used is a thermoset material, but with the use of additives it can be made equivalent to a variety of thermoplastics and filled materials. This process is widely used for functional prototyping and is extremely useful for a range of automotive and appliance applications.