Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Prototyping

It is done with the thickness of sheet metal plate upto 1.2-1.5 mm. Single Tool is made in Poly Urethane PU or MS material.

Sheet metal of desired thickness will undergo pressing operations to get the desired shape and appropriately finished later. The strength of the tool is chosen and is governed by the number of pieces desired, which the customer has to specify upfront.

With this number of prototypes possible can be upto 50-100 in nos., if desired a small batch of production is also possible for which initial strength of tool is taken care of upfront. Accuracies of +/- 1mm is possible through this method.

The inpus desired is 3D CAD data, specific material desired and the number of pieces desired. We fabricate prototypes (few in quantities) in sheet metals of less deep drawn components upto thickness of 1.2-1.5 mm directly from CAD details. The prototypes are very good for functional and fitment testings.